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Ich weiß aber dass alle etwas wollen sollen

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Loes Valthen


February 28th, 2014

A story fanart movie... thing!

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So, following some very beautifully tragic and emotional RP, I was absolutely overwhelmed with the need to create art for it. And then I thought, why not go for two or three pictures and try for a comic to do justice to all the beautiful heartbreak? And, well. Two evenings later, what I had done had in fact turned into a movie.

So here it is, my first fanart comic RP story movie thingie ever! I'm kind of excited, I really did not think it would work so well, considering this is the first time I've done this!

Imprisoned in Isengard, Vereyar is faced with a realization that threatens to destroy everything he ever believed in. Meanwhile, Eluivor is in danger of losing the only companion he has in the forges of Isengard... (See the Masterpost for the complete storyline.)

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