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FIC: Faultlines of the Heart [Les Misérables]

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I am still fully in the grasp of this new fandom obsession. I know I keep repeating myself, but I am still surprised! I have now written around 66k words in little more than 3 months! Whatever this is, I'm going to cling to this fannish happiness for as long as I can because this has never happened to me before quite like this.

And after finally finishing the first draft of my NPT assignment (which I loathe apart from the final scene but at least I think I know what it is that the beginning is lacking so it can be fixed in the month I have left) I celebrated by - starting on a new story right away because apparently I cannot stop writing now even if I want to spend an evening reading instead.

But it meant that I finished the D/s fic that has been on my mind for a while just in time for a Barricade Day offering. It's a really self-indulgent story in that the reason I've wanted to write it for so long was to see if I could pull it off in a way that is both adequately in character and most importantly feels true on an emotional level to me? I'm not even sure if I'm making sense to anyone else here, but I ended up really enjoying the writing process of this, which is incredibly rare.

So have some D/s fic for Barricade Day (or Javert Derailment Day now I guess), where D/s really means old French men trying to deal and talking about feels a lot.

Faultlines of the Heart (4397 words) by Esteliel
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Javert/Jean Valjean
Characters: Javert (Les Misérables), Jean Valjean
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Javert Survives, Dom/sub Undertones, Blow Jobs, Feels, Established Relationship, Roleplay, Edging

Valjean watches for a long moment. When he stays silent, Javert's anger retreats like a candle extinguished by a sudden, cold draft. It is sobering; humiliation curls within him. He should not have talked Valjean into this. All this time, and still he is a liar. Still he is selfish, holding his own needs above those of the man to whom he owes all.

Javert is ashamed of his fantasies, but is at last forced to face them in an attempt to be honest with Valjean.

(Also OMG is it Big Bang check-in date 1 this weekend? I believe it is! /o\ Oh god. Time to finally start writing maybe. Let us not talk of the mini Valvert exchange on Tumblr I've also signed up for because I'm a) a masochist b) insane c) both?) Entry originally posted to DW: http://esteliel.dreamwidth.org/428887.html (comment count unavailablecomments). Comments are welcome in either place.
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