Aber wenn ich könnte wie ich wollte würde ich gar nichts wollen

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Remix Reveals happened, so I can link my story now, which is a remix of Cinaed's amazing, beautiful The Summer Has His Joys, And Winter His Delights which everyone should read because it is just full of warmth and happiness and all the feels. <3

Blow out All the Candles (6752 words) by Esteliel
Fandom: Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Javert/Jean Valjean
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Javert Survives, Blow Jobs, Snowed In, Remix Redux, Remix, Friends to Lovers
Summary: Valjean smiled. He seemed a picture of calm contentedness in this small cottage surrounded by snow, so that Javert stepped closer, inexorably pulled, like a man lost in a storm following the warm glow of a candle. Sometimes it felt like mere instinct, and he wondered if he had fought this pull so long partly for this reason. It seemed too easy to follow this need, when something like this should not be.
Valjean and Javert spend the winter in a cottage. When a storm arrives, the tension between them can no longer be ignored.

Also after writing that fisting story and far too much size kink enabling by voksen and Stripy I wrote 6k about Javert's Big Dick ahahaha ha. /o\ (Only this time I had the willpower to actually resist posting it under that title.) This was supposed to be 1k of light-hearted kink! I don't know how these things happen!

Lift the Weight of the World (6036 words) by Esteliel
Fandom: Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Javert/Jean Valjean
Additional Tags: Size Kink, Large Cock, Alternate Universe - Javert Survives, Canon Era, Javert's big hands
Summary: He fell to his knees; he flushed hotly; he did not dare to raise his face, imagining that it had to be obvious how he was affected, what had affected him so, and as he cut through the rope at Javert's feet with trembling fingers, not a moment passed where he was not uncomfortably aware of how close he was to the taunting, tantalizing shape that stretched far too large beneath the tight cut of Javert's trousers.
From the day he first saw him in Toulon, Valjean is fascinated by how well-endowed Javert is.

Oh God I just still want to roll around in my fannish feels all day - after so much time of not writing, now I have an OTP that makes me obsess in the way I haven't obsessed about a single pairing since 97, an IRC chat full of the most lovely and amazing and smart and beautifully porn-enabling people ever, and my BFF who lets me rant at him all day about weird kinkmeme prompts I want to write or the amazing stories I have just read. (Also in the way that fandom is a small small place it turns out that not only was I in jrock fandom at the same time with one of my new Les Mis friends but we actually went to the same gig in 2004! The mind boggles. I even still have the tour shirt, haha!)

Fandom just makes me so so happy again right now and I'm determined to cling to that happiness because it makes me want to write and read all the things! I'm currently thinking that my birthday present to myself should be to go see the new Les Mis West End cast later this year... <3
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