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So last weekend I wrote another story.... Ahahaha. The title. Yes. /o\ I blame that fully on #lesmiseres "help".

Though it is indeed nothing but a small fisting pwp, so, let the title be a warning to you.

Valjean and Javert - A Fisting Story (1678 words) by Esteliel
Fandom: Les Misérables - All Media Types
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Javert/Jean Valjean
Additional Tags: Fisting, PWP, Alternate Universe - Javert Survives, Canon Era
Summary: There is sweat on Javert's skin. The sound of his harsh, broken gasps fills the small room. Everything in here feels slightly cheap, slightly worn; even the light that filters in through the curtain is gray and gives everything a tint of that misery Valjean knows only too well. Javert takes good care of his sparse possessions; he does not take good care of himself, and Valjean, who even now would prefer to deny himself the white bread Cosette insists on sending, cannot deny himself this.

Ahem. I'm spending a lot of time in IRC hanging out with other Les Mis people lately these past few weeks, which does wonders for my fannish productivity - 3 challenges I've signed up for since falling for this fandom, and we will see what the rest of the year will bring. But this weekend, there will be Remix Redux reveals, and I've signed up for Not Prime Time, and then yesterday, the Les Mis Big Bang. I'm not doing Ardor in August because that's already quite a lot of fic deadlines for me. Though with the Big Bang, my main worry is whether the story can be told in less than 30k - reaching the 10k at least should be easy, and seeing everyone brainstorm yesterday really really makes me want to start on this. I've had a document open where I've been noting down ideas for a huddling for warmth/survival trope fic for several weeks now and eyed it with longing a lot, but since that is my favourite trope I didn't really want to touch it until I managed to get all the ooc porn out of my system. Well, I think I've reached that point now.

All the huddling for warmth. <3

But first, my NPT assignment, which is going to be another favourite trope. Entry originally posted to DW: http://esteliel.dreamwidth.org/428184.html (comment count unavailablecomments). Comments are welcome in either place.
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